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Government Services

Supply & Maintenance

Ganuch Inc. provides experienced Supply and Maintenance services for various US Military agencies. Our experience in planning, scheduling and program management brings the tools necessary for an effective and efficient logistics program. Our staff brings new and innovative approaches to managing supplies and equipment to Commanders at all levels from unit to major command.

Ganuch Inc.'s strength is our ability to provide a knowledgeable, trained and experienced team, that are capable of recommending time tested operations for an effective and efficient workplace in today's US Military.

Supply & Value Chain Management

  • Multiclass supply management support
  • Asset and supply management support
  • Property Book Officer Support Services
  • Quality assurance and process improvement Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) functionality

Maintenance Management & Performance

  • Materiel Readiness Analysis (Aviation and Ground Support Equipment)
  • SAMS-1E/2E operator support
  • Field and National Level RESET management assistance
  • Quality assurance and process improvement