Who are we

About Us


Ganuch Inc. evolved from our sister company, XO Tech, LLC, in 2003. Initially providing custom Web Based solutions to government agencies, XOTech developed unique software products as a response to customer requirements. These e-business solutions were not being met by large Information Technology (IT) companies, which generally make their revenue through selling many copies of standard software products to many users.

Cost inefficiency for small to medium-sized businesses and government agencies created a market entirely untouched. The continuing success of XOTech in software development led to the formation of Ganuch Inc. operating as a sole entity. Since that point in time, Ganuch Inc. has had success in developing a significant commercial customer base, while continuously expanding our government business, with the Department of Defense being the predominant client.

Ganuch Inc., a service-based company, takes pride in offering unique software solutions and fast delivery of the final solution to their customer base. The sale of software solutions as a complete package includes competitive guarantees on performance and impeccable one-year at a time service contracts to retain valuable customers.

We currently offer a number of software programs to the government that have been extremely successful helping the military achieve cost avoidance and savings in the logistics and financial arena. Along with this we offer an entire array of custom computer services that serve to augment, supplement, and/or supplant your information technology requirements to improve your operations and your bottom line.

Core Competencies

  • Analyses & Consulting
  • Aviation Logistics Management
  • Deployment/Redeployment Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Logistics Research
  • Maintenance Management
  • Material Readiness Management
  • Network Engineering & Management
  • Program Management & Support
  • Supply & Inventory Management
  • System & Database Administration
  • System Design & Integration
  • System Development & Troubleshooting
  • System Implementation & Training
  • Transportation & Traffic Management
  • Web Design & Development